Campaign Media Awards are all about celebrating that talented lot in the media industry who come up with all the great work we see around us. We spent quite a lot of time trying to work out the right look for the characters, and below you'll see how we went from clean, colourful vector, to a more hand drawn feel. A lot of the fun of this project was in the lead up to the show, where our characters really shined on the printed page.


Date_JUNE 2017

Print and digital work

There was a lot to do in the lead up to the awards night, including print ads, web adverts, gifs and sticker designs. Here are a few if you're interested:

Font design

Here's our specially made font for Campaign Media. Initially this font really was handrawn - we were spending hours tracing over print outs of text and then scrappily (but also neatly) filling it in. If that wasn't enough, we also had it 'shaking' when it was used in video format, which involved each letter going through three different iterations which we then looped to give it a homemade feel. But then one day, as we were going through this laborious process, the team had a great idea. 'Why don't we make this a bit easier for ourselves?' We won't bore you with the rest; the upshot was that we got our After Effects hats on and built a way to easily produce and animate the font. What you see below is the result. Exciting stuff right? No? Well fine, keep scrolling then. There's a bit more stuff to show you.

Early character concepts

This is where we began to get sketching. The client had a pretty good idea about what they wanted, but couldn't always explain it without first seeing something tangible. So what you see below was all the stuff we tried out before eventually landing on the final four characters. As you can see, some of them were dropped, but some stuck.

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